Training Plan

Our training plans can often be completed through classes.   However, this depends on the ability of the client to attend classes and work with their dog at home. Some individuals with disabilities may require board-in training before the service dog is ready to go home.    


The first step is a $30 evaluation.  We cannot give you a cost estimate until we know whether you have a dog, what kind of training you need, how many commands the dog will need to learn, and whether there will be any board-in training.  

We can evaluate your dog, if you already own one, or find a dog that will be suited to your needs.  

American Service Dogs​ 

The Process


In order to receive their service dog certification through American Service Dogs, our dogs must complete basic training tests, service dog tests, public access tests, and testing for their specific training (scent, wheelchair, etc.) We have one of the most rigorous certification processes in the country so that we are confident our dogs will meet their client's needs.  When a dog has their final American Service Dogs ID, you know they have passed all of their tests.  


Our dogs must pass rigorous testing in order to pass through each level of training.  Dogs must fully complete their basic obedience testing before moving to service dog and public access training and testing.  There are instances where dogs do not pass their tests and cannot finish their training as service dogs.  We do not believe in "fake" service dog certifications, and will not certify a dog that cannot pass our tests.