Therapy Dogs

Wheelchair Support Dogs

Service Dog Training in Las Cruces and El Paso

​​One of our passions here at American Service Dogs is helping our veterans who live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have a special program designed to provide you with a Service Dog that is trained to go everywhere you want them to go. These dogs are specially trained to each individual’s specific needs.

Our trainers put in the time and effort required to train a dog specifically for each person.  Whether that means mimicking tantrums to help the dog understand how to respond, or touching the dog constantly for a child who needs physical stimulation, we devote our time and effort to making sure the dogs we train will be a tool and blessing for the child and family.

PTSD Service Dogs

American Service Dogs​ 

Therapy dogs are not service dogs in that they are not trained for one specific person.  Instead, therapy dogs are trained for public settings where they learn to offer comfort and companionship to the people around them.  Therapy dogs do not have the same rights as service dogs, but are often found causing smiles at nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and other group environments.  

These dogs are an invaluable asset for the person in a wheelchair, because they decrease dependence on other people.  Dogs can perform tasks that are difficult or even impossible for the individual in the wheelchair, giving them freedom to go places on their own with confidence.   These dogs really do open doors to a new, fuller life for their service dog partners.  

Brace & Balance Dogs

Autism Service Dogs

The brace and balance dog is always there to catch their client.  They are a constant balance assistant, a retriever of items, and can be trained to help their person in many different environments.  These dogs are generally larger breeds, and when they are not assisting their client with brace & balance, they are a comforting friend.