Service Dog Training

We have service dog classes Wednesdays and Saturdays.  

​Beyond just being a good pet, service dogs must learn commands related to being with their person in all environments.  The dog must consistently stay focused on their person regardless of the surrounding circumstances.  Some of the commands your service dog will learn:

Place command: Teaching your dog to go to a mat, rug or designated area and remain there.
​Under command:  Teaching your dog to go under a table, desk, or other surface to be out of the way.

Down Stay command: Teaching your dog to stay at 100 ft.

Public Access

We have Public Access Classes Wednesday and Saturday.

Dogs begin public access training early in their service dog work, so they are acclimated to as many environments as possible.  Our public access training includes restaurants, schools, nursing homes, Wal-mart, parks, events, elevators, escalators, and much more!  We want the team to be confident in public-  knowing that no matter what happens around them, the dog will continue to serve their person rather than focus on stimuli.  

We have obedience classes everyday Monday through Saturday:

Basic Obedience, where you will learn the tools to teach your dog: 

 Heel command: Teaching your dog to walk by your side. Sit command: Teaching your dog to sit. Sit/Stay command: Teaching your dog to remain in a sitting position and to not move until released by handler. Down command: Teaching your dog to lay for a short period of time Down/Stay command: Teaching your dog to stay down until released by handler Come command: Teaching your dog to come immediately whether a short or long distance. 

We Are Excited To Announce Our New Classes in El Paso and Las Cruces!  

$150/month + tax for Unlimited Obedience!

Prices based on type of service dog:  Evaluation Required

American Service Dogs​ 

*Clients must be signed up through online scheduler.  Classes with 0 clients signed up will not be held.