American Service Dogs​ 

Mission Statement

Whether you are interested in having a well-behaved, obedient pet to enjoy, or are looking for a service dog partner, American Service Dogs promises to provide the best and most progressive training at a reasonable price, backed with the best possible service for our clients.

Our Training Philosophy and Methods 

Our training philosophy is simple. We recognize every dog and handler team to be unique. We want to give you the tools to work with your dog in your situation.

We work to devise a training program for each dog and handler that fits their individual situation. Our training methods are based on motivational principles. Our goal is to motivate the dog to learn and perform, while building confidence in both the dog and handler. We encourage success with humane, consistent, interactive training. We treat each dog as an active participant, a student to be taught and molded,rather than forced. Our knowledge of animal behavior and our years of experience allow us to shape the dog’s behavior and enlist their willing participation in the training process.